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Barista Tips

01st October 2022

Barista Tips

Coffee makes the world go round. That’s the saying, right? Well even if it isn’t the saying, it’s still slightly true. Coffee is an essential part of many people’s day. Some people can’t begin their day without a nice, warm espresso in their hands. Commuters are even willing to miss their train just so they can grab their hot beverage.

Seeing as coffee is a crucial kick-start for many people, it is important that baristas provide the very best coffee for their customers. Being a barista might be overlooked as just making coffee but it’s much more than that. Making coffee is an art and a science. What is the perfect temperature? How do you conduct the perfect coffee extraction? And the most popular question, how to produce the best latte art?

Understanding these tips and tricks will surely enhance and boost your coffee-making skills. Here are some of our barista tips that will help you become the best barista in the business!

Clean As You Go

You’ve probably heard this one before and you’ve probably overlooked it. One of the most important things you can do for your business is to keep it looking clean and presentable for your customers. Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ like a messy coffee shop. Unfortunately, coffee making can be a messy business so it’s essential that you’re constantly wiping your counters so your customers have a pleasant experience in your coffee shop.

It’s not just counters and tables that need to be kept clean but your espresso machine too. Purging your steam wand constantly can go a long way. Not only does this preserve the life of your equipment, but it also leads to better-tasting coffee drinks. A wand that has leftover milk at its tip will get stuck which may lead to foul-tasting coffee drinks.

So, make sure to get your cloth out and start cleaning!

Use Fresh Ingredients

This cannot be stressed enough. Old milk and beans alike can spoil drinks as nothing can cover up the sour and bitter taste of dated milk and over-roasted beans. The key to an outstanding cup of coffee is fresh ingredients.

You want to use high-quality, freshly roasted beans. After all, beans are the source of great-tasting coffee. However, with great-tasting coffee comes great tasting-milk. Fresh milk creates the perfect balance in a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re using cow’s milk or plant-based milk, it is crucial to keep your milk refrigerated so to preserve its quality.

That being said, it’s important that you choose a reliable coffee supplier to provide you with the best products. Choose wisely!

Latte Art

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word coffee is latte art. This art form has taken the world by storm that even non-baristas are practising it. So how do you create the perfect pattern? The answer isn’t that simple. Latte art takes patience and dedication.

Here’s how we recommend carrying out latte art:

Inspect your milk to make sure it is smooth and not divided. Hold the cup at around a 45-degree angle and aim it towards the centre of the coffee. Carefully pour the espresso with the jug’s lip as close to the beverage as you can.

It might take some time to get the perfect pattern but if you keep on practising, you’re sure to become a master of latte art.

Put Your Customers First

Ensuring your customers have an excellent experience in your coffee shop is arguably more important than the coffee itself. For a lot of your customers, your coffee shop is the first thing they see in the morning so it’s important that you leave a lasting impression on them. This means greeting them with a warm smile and engaging with them. Strong customer service goes a long way and it could lead to your customers returning for more of your exemplary coffee!

To Conclude

Being a barista is no easy feat but practice makes perfect. The most important thing is that you enjoy making coffee and serve every cup with a smile!

If you would like more inspiration and barista tips, check out our training courses!


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