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With over 40 years’ experience within the coffee industry we’ve learnt a few things along the way. We love passing on our knowledge and expertise allowing you to produce amazing coffee.

Barista Training Courses

Barista coffee training is a crucial component, ensuring you and your team members meet your customers’ expectations now and in the future.  John Street Beverage offers a wide range of barista courses and training literature to fit individual needs and budgets, helping develop and improve skills, techniques and hot beverage offerings.

The barista Foundation course focuses on barista basics, developing a skill-set on a traditional espresso machine and grinder.  You will gain a great insight into the correct procedures required to produce all espresso-based drinks, along with steaming and texturising milk and how to correctly construct the drinks on your coffee menu.

Our Advanced barista course has been designed for those baristas who have a real passion for coffee and builds on the Foundation course above, whilst emphasising the importance of cleaning and customer service.  This will also promote confidence and an understanding in training staff and/or team members to a significantly high standard.

The VRQ City & Guilds Level 2 Barista Foundation qualification offers comprehensive training and education in barista skills that range from the history of the coffee bean to customer service. The qualification itself is accredited by both City & Guilds and the BSA (Beverage Service Association). Please note this is held and supported by one of our partners in Brigg, Lincolnshire DN20 0SP.

Latte Art course is our most popular course for those who have already covered either the Foundation or Advanced course.  During our latte art training you will understand the milk steaming process and how to create perfect micro foam time after time.  Once mastered, you will learn how to pour creating a heart and Rosetta.

Coffee Training Literature

Coffee preparation, extraction, producing espresso-based specialty drinks and the machine cleanliness can be made to sound over complicated and an exact science, this comprehensive training manual has been aimed at providing all the information you need to produce the best out of our coffee in a simple and easy to understand guide. Quick reference laminated sheets also help with all the relevant information to teach others ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to make the highest quality espresso- based specialty beverages.

Our Barista Training Courses

If you’re thinking of investing in barista training courses, you’re making a fantastic decision. It’s never too late to start learning and you can never know too much about coffee. So, no matter your skill level, we have the training course for you.

Foundation Course

If you’re a beginner in coffee making, our foundation course is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you have recently hired new staff who are in need of learning the basics of coffee making, you should check out this course. In our foundation course you will learn about different beans, how to set up and use a grinder, milk texturing and the tools required of being a barista

Once you undergo this training course you will have a general understanding of coffee craft which will in turn help you begin your barista journey.

Advance Course

Once you have mastered the basics of barista training and you’ve had some experience, you can look towards advancing your skills. Undergoing our advanced course looks great to potential employers and it will help you on your personal coffee journey.

Our advanced course goes into more detail of the art of coffee making. This includes how to create the perfect cup of coffee with Latte art patterns, such as a heart, rosetta and tulip. It’s skills like this that set your coffee making skills over the edge.

Why Take Barista Training Courses

There’s no such thing as too much training. Even experts need to brush up on their skills sometimes. After all, the more you learn, the more you grow. By undergoing one of our barista training courses, you’re sure to expand your barista skills.

Our training courses are designed for groups and individuals. So, if there are any members of staff who would like to undergo further barista training, contact John Street Beverage. By providing your staff with extra training and qualifications, your business will reap the benefits. Highly trained staff means that your coffee business will flourish because of all the fantastic coffee your baristas create.

When you choose our barista training courses, you will be taught by one of our experienced baristas who know everything there is to know about coffee. Our decades of experience in this field have equipped us with the necessary knowledge to teach this subject. We have up to date knowledge on the best equipment, styles and methods of creating the perfect cup of coffee and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Who We Are

We are a reputable family-run firm that has been in the business for over 40 years and we have a genuine passion for delicious, premium coffee and other products. That’s why we have created our helpful training courses so you can enjoy learning about coffee making.

We specialise in providing the finest coffees, teas, chocolate, accessories, and consumables to homes and businesses. It’s our goal to help as many companies’ as possible with our great products. We sell beverages in bulk to other coffee lovers and fanatics due to our expertise in this area. What’s more we exclusively collaborate with the top baristas and roasters in the industry so you know you’re receiving high quality goods from us. We are a popular choice among cafes and coffee shops since we offer a wide variety of wholesale beverages and goods.

Pick Your Course

If you’re ready to enhance an increase your skills, take a look at our barista training courses and get ready to excel to the next level.

barista training courses

Training Room


Foundation Course
Foundation Course

This three-hour training session is designed to be carried out at our Greenhithe training room or at your place of work using your own equipment.  The course is designed for those working in the coffee industry and wishing to learn how to make all espresso-based drinks.  This has been structured to give you and up to five staff a good understanding on both the product and the importance of maintaining consistency, freshness of coffee, machine cleanliness and customer service.

You will learn about:

  • Arabica and Robusta beans.
  • Freshness, storage and life-span of coffee.
  • Correct procedures in using your grinder.
  • How to set the grinder, dose and pull a shot of espresso.
  • Correct procedures in using your espresso machine.
  • How to spot bad coffee by appearance, smell and taste.
  • The tools required for the barista.
  • Milk steaming, how to make microfoam; the silky, shiny milk that tastes sweet and creamy.
  • The coffee menu; learn what the difference is between a Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and more.
  • Cleaning your espresso machine and keeping your work area clean throughout the day.
  • Skill Level: None required
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Price: £180.00 Inc VAT (up to six people)

please contact us for availability - 01322 381380

Advanced Course

The Advanced barista course is designed to expand your knowledge gained in our Foundation course.  It is a four hour course that includes cupping coffee, grinder set-up and daily maintenance, espresso trends, types of milk, latte art and is held at our training room in Greenhithe or at a training school in Lincolnshire.

Your will learn about:

  • Cupping a group of coffees, discussing single origins and blended coffees.
  • Grinder types; how to set them correctly and prolong their life-span.
  • Espresso trends; experiment with fine tuning the shot and pulling espresso.
  • Tamping techniques and grind settings; how they can change the taste.
  • Milk steaming techniques, dealing with multiple orders and consistency of milk.
  • The difference in steaming soya, full fat, semi and skimmed milk.
  • Latte art.

Jug selection and how to free pour from a variety of jug sizes.

The Advanced course runs from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and is perfect for those who have a foundation understanding and experience in making coffee but are looking to improve their skills. The information you will take away from this course is the perfect introduction into the speciality coffee industry with skills to produce high quality coffees.  Drinks and pastries will be provided.

  • Skill Level: Foundation barista skiills required
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Price: £220.00 Inc VAT (up to six people)

please contact us for availability - 01322 381380

Latte Art Class - Find the artist inside you

This three-hour training session is designed to be carried out within our training room at Greenhithe.

Latte Art is one of the most popular courses and is designed for people that have completed the Foundation course and have basic barista skills.

The personal satisfaction of creating attractive patterns with the coffee’s crema and textured milk is extremely fulfilling and is considered an essential component for all top baristas.

We would firstly take a detailed look at the best techniques to foam and texture the milk to produce great “microfoam”.   This is essential and once mastered you would learn the art of pouring latte art and with lots of practice time ending the day being able to pour a heart and Rosetta.


  • Skill Level: Basic barista skills required
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Price: £90.00 each (up to four people)

please contact us for availability - 01322 381380

VRQ City and Guilds Level 2 Barista Foundation Qualification

We know your time is valuable so we have condensed this three-day course into two 10- hour days. It offers comprehensive training and education in barista skills that range from the history of the coffee bean to customer service. The qualification you will receive is accredited by both City & Guilds and the BSA (Beverage Service Association).

You will learn about:

  • The origin of coffee; the plant, process and distribution across the globe.Understanding coffee; the decaffeinated process, flavours and blending.
  • Espresso; learning how to produce the perfect shot.
  • Coffee grinders; learning how they work, how to maintain consistency and produce the perfect espresso.
  • The milk steaming process; learning how to produce “microfoam”, the tiny bubbles that makes the milk taste sweet and delicious.
  • Coffee drinks menu; you will cover a variety of hot drinks such as Americano, Cappuccino and Latte.  How to achieve a balanced taste, consistency in preparation and presentation when serving your customer.
  • The origin of tea; with more cups of tea consumed than coffee in the UK this is an essential area for baristas to know about, but is often forgotten.
  • Filter coffee; the variety of brewing methods, technique and taste behind them.
  • Water quality and filtration; an integral part of the product and process.
  • Smoothies and frappés, recipes and technique will be covered.
  • The origin of cocoa; the plant, harvest and process that is involved in making chocolate.
  • Professional customer service; looking at how to manage your customer’s needs requests, compliments and complaints.

The VRQ qualification encompasses parts of the industry, product and service that so many baristas know little to nothing about. With this knowledge you will have the official accreditation to enhance your opportunity to work in leading restaurants, bars and cafés in the industry with an increased advantage if opening your own coffee shop.

Overnight hotel accommodation and travel expenses may also be required. The Training Centre is based in Lincolnshire.

  • Skill Level: Basic barista skills required
  • Duration: 2 x 10 hour days
  • Price: £450.00 Inc VAT

please contact us for availability - 01322 381380

Training Literature

We are constantly asked about our quality coffee; how to prepare a variety of drinks.  What is the perfect temperature to steam milk?  What is the perfect extraction, etc?

Training Manual

Our training manual has been written to assist you in producing the perfect espresso, storage of our beans, milk texturisation, coffee recipes and the daily and monthly cleaning regime required for beverage consistency.

Quick Reference Guides

We have designed a set of laminated quick reference sheets ideal for training purposes and refreshing your memory on the finer points of espresso extraction, coffee recipes, milk temperatures, milk texturing and cleaning.

Training Manual

Price:                           £4.95 + VAT incl p&p

Quick Reference Guide

Price:                           £3.95 + VAT incl p&p


Special Offer

With your first order of our finest coffee beans we will provide one of our training manuals and Quick Reference Guides free of charge.

  • Skill Level: All
  • Duration:
  • Price: £3.95 +VAT upwards

please contact us for availability - 01322 381380

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