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Black Eye: The Rise of Cold Brew

20th February 2020

Black Eye: The Rise of Cold Brew

Why is cold brew gaining popularity?

The UK cold brew coffee scene has been brewing beneath the surface, for the last few years, but 2020 could see the popularity of it soar, similar to how it has in the US.

Early signs are promising. According to Allegra Insights (Project Cafe 2019), cold brew has polled as the second quickest growing beverage product in the UK (34%) behind the flat white (49%). Add to that the fact that ‘cold brew coffee’ is now searched for on Google over 5,000 times each month and how large scale chains such as Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero have adopted cold brew onto their menus, it’s safe to say it’s beginning to trend.

One reason for the rise of cold brew could be down to the steady decline of traditional coffee sales, as consumers look for alternative offerings, especially during the warmer months. Although cold coffee isn’t a new thing, this concept is echoed by the advantageous health benefits of cold brew, compared to the cold fizzy drinks we tend to consume during the summer.

On top of this, an overriding factor has to be the fabulous flavours and incredible caffeine kicks that comes from cold brew. Coffee lovers worldwide are now more sophisticated and educated about coffee than ever before, therefore they are seeking out originality and flavour.

Another factor to the success of cold brew will be its adaptability and scalability. Although its potential growth in the UK is still undetermined, we envisage that every coffee shop, bar, hotel and restaurant will be demanding it by the box load, as it transcends into the next coffee culture craze.

How is cold brew coffee best consumed? 
Historically, cold brew would have to be kept in the refrigerator and served from an oversized pitcher and then glugged into your glass (not the most glamorous, we agree). Imagine now that, with Black Eye Cold Brew, you no longer require refrigeration and the ability of dispensing it from a tap is an actual reality (revolutionary, we know). Be it through the Vitop tap on the 10L bag in a box or direct from the pump, it opens up convenient and practical avenues for the hospitality sector.

Here’s how we recommend Black Eye Cold Brew to be best consumed:

Stand alone, over ice
A perfect way to serve cold brew for coffee shop owners and food vendors, is to firstly take a glass and part-fill it with ice. Next, allow the dark mahogany liquid to cascade its way from the nozzle down the valley of crystal ice (cooling as it does). Finally, pour in a dash of milk or cream and allow your customer to admire the crescendo that takes place.

Nitro cold brew
Nitro cold brew is an exciting and enticing way of serving cold brew. Flooding the cold brew through a tap infused with nitrogen transforms it into a completely different product. Not only is the process visually entrancing, but the final result leaves you with a thick, creamy head and whole new texture throughout, enhancing the entire cold brew experience.

The intensity of Black Eye Cold Brew’s flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to a mocktail or cocktail, as a mixer. Speciality selected blends from Guatemala, Brazil and Columbia contribute to a rich, chocolatey and more-ish aspect in any drink. To whet your appetite, take a look at some of the creative cocktail combinations we’ve come up with.

As you can see, the versatility and options of how cold brew can be stored and consumed are suited to lot of different businesses. Moreover, with one product, you can open upscale the offerings in your establishment without too much trouble. This could be a key reason as to why the UK is adopting cold brew coffee for its thirsty coffee connoisseurs and why we may be seeing it crop up in even more places as the year continues.

Black Eye Cold Brew
If you’re considering adopting the latest coffee trend into your organisation, Black Eye Cold Brew could be the partner for you. Bolstered by the experience and expertise of our specialised supplier, we’re looking to welcome you to the bark side of coffee and enjoy a truly premium product.

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