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Coffee Machine Servicing and Maintenance

20th January 2023

Coffee Machine Servicing and Maintenance

At the start of each New Year, we tend to review the year now past and think about the year ahead of us. And during these times of constant news reports about the ever-increasing cost of living, particularly owing to inflation and energy prices, thoughts of what the coming year will hold in store are never far away. In our businesses, as in our personal lives, we will be looking at what our priorities are and what we can do to maximise our income whilst minimising our expenditure.

The great news when you own a coffee machine is the volume you can still sell even when the economic climate is troubled, and the profit you can make each time you do. However, like all machinery, it is vital to maintain your coffee machine equipment so that sales are not impacted by unexpected breakdowns and the sudden unplanned expenditure required for repair.

You will know that at John Street Beverage our aim is to keep your coffee machines constantly working for you, and when they develop a fault to resolve the problem as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Although breakdowns can never be completely eliminated, the best way of protecting your business against unexpected costs is to prioritise the annual servicing of your equipment, and the updating of your water filters, when planning your outgoings. Water filters in particular are an investment in the life of your equipment, as they prevent the accumulation of scale that blocks boilers, exposes elements and generally lead to ever-escalating repair costs, or even the impact of having to invest in new machines.

To help with planning the best solution for your business, John Street Beverage notify you when your annual service and filter change is due and discuss how best to meet your needs with our team of highly experienced engineers. Alternatively, you can call our service department on 01322 381380, or email service@jsbeverage.com.


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