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Coffee Machine Servicing London

Coffee Machine Servicing London

At John Street Beverage, we understand the importance of a well-functioning coffee machine for your business. Unfortunately, there are times when your equipment presents problems that you’re not familiar with. It happens, but what’s important is that you have a dedicated team to assist when things break down.

And that’s precisely what you can expect at John Street Beverage. We offer expert coffee machine servicing in London, keeping your equipment running smoothly and ensuring you serve the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Tailored On-site Coffee Machine Repair

We believe that no two businesses are alike, and neither are their needs. This is why our team provide bespoke coffee machine repair services tailored to your specific requirements. We aim to fix the majority of faults at your site on the first visit, minimising any disruption to your business.

Coffee Machine Servicing in London

Proactive Annual Servicing

Preventive maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your coffee machine. Our service department works closely with you to schedule an annual service that reduces unexpected breakdowns and hefty repair costs. With our proactive annual servicing, you can focus on what you do best, leaving your coffee machine’s maintenance in our capable hands.

Annual PSSR Certification and Boiler Inspection

For businesses using commercial coffee machines with pressurised boilers, safety is paramount. In compliance with legal requirements, our engineers complete an in-depth safety check of your machine and provide you with an industry-recognised safety certification. We can even meet with insurance assessors for inspections, ensuring your coffee machine is safe and certified.

Coffee Machine Service in London

Comprehensive Full Descale Service

In cases where your machine requires a full descale or if a fault develops that can’t be rectified on-site, we will arrange to transport your machine to our workshop for repair. We understand the value of uninterrupted service, so we provide a loan machine during this period. Rest assured, our goal is to return your machine in excellent working order as quickly as possible.

Water Boiler Service and Repair

Beyond coffee machines, we are also experienced in servicing and repairing a variety of hot water boiler systems and cold water supply options. We offer both annual maintenance programmes and emergency repair services, guaranteeing your hot and cold beverage supply remains unhindered. Contact our team today to get started. We’re here to get you back on track.

Coffee Machine Service London

Timely Water Filter Change

Maintaining updated and optimally functioning water filters is essential to prevent the need for full descales or extensive machine repairs. During the scheduling of your annual service, our team will discuss your requirements and ensure the installation of an ideal water filter for your operations.

We’re Here for You

John Street Beverage are committed to providing tailored and quality services. Our experienced engineers strive to complete a repair on the first visit, working with both traditional commercial espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines.

Remember, we are more than just a service provider; we are a trusted partner dedicated to supporting your business. Contact us today on 01322 381380 for all your coffee machine servicing needs in London.

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