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Our Coffee

The passion we have for coffee was first ignited back in 1978; this was the year that John Street crossed paths with an independent coffee roaster and became captivated. John went on to taste coffees across the globe and started to gain insights into the coffee industry, which he found to be intricate, varied, and exciting.

In May 1979, our first case of coffee was sold. Since then, our family business has excelled in the industry to become the coffee supplier of choice for a wide range of bistros, coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants throughout the UK.

We offer both filter coffees and coffee beans. Our wide-ranging selection includes premium arabica coffee, single origin coffee, and a number of blends.

For those who are after a truly exceptional coffee made with the finest Arabica beans, we would strongly recommend our RFA certified range, Street & Co. You can learn more about this range below.

Street & Co Coffee

Street & Co. is a premium, 100% Arabica blend coffee that we crafted with modern taste profiles in mind, known for its smooth mouth finish. Designed to feel contemporary and urban, this medium roast blend offers a delicious and unique flavour.

Our mission to create further additional blends is ongoing, as we strive to offer an even wider and more varied range of excellent flavours for our customers.

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Lavazza Italian Coffee

John Street Beverage are proud to be an official Lavazza supplier/distributor, so if you’re looking for Lavazza coffee beans, coffee capsules, Lavazza coffee machines or another Lavazza coffee product, we’ve got everything you need and you’ll be in safe hands. We supply Lavazza coffee to trade customers, including coffee shops, bars, cafes and many other businesses, who enjoy the real Italian taste of Lavazza.

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Private Label Coffee

Are you looking to create your own unique brand of coffee? John Street Beverage offers a bespoke specialist service that allows you to do just that. We will work with you to develop a private label coffee that fulfils your requirements for taste profile, packaging design, and sustainability options. This service complements the purchase of your coffee. Having your own white label coffee helps make you stand out as this is an achievement that few can claim.

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Why Choose Our Coffee?

Here at John Street Beverage, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best coffee beans the industry has to offer. That’s why we ensure we work with the most renowned partners in the business. This means our beans are ethically sourced and are produced with care and precision.

What’s more, we offer a range of beans so that we can meet your specific needs. Whether you would like arabica beans or robusta coffee beans we have it all. Our beans are grown in different countries, climates and heights which means they provide different flavour and textures. So, whether you’re looking for sweet or fruity coffee, we have the beans for you.

Products to Assist your Coffee

Your coffee business isn’t complete with just coffee. You need delicious sweet treats to ensure your customers have the perfect snack to pair with their coffee. After all, nothing beats sweet treats with a cup of coffee. That’s why we offer our tasty wholesale products to pair with your coffee. We have a range of snacks from cakes to biscuits that compliment the taste of any coffee. We work the finest confectionary companies in the business including Lizzie’s and The Fine Cookie Company. Take a look at our products and find the perfect sweet treats for your coffee.

Who We Are

We are a reputable wholesale provider with decades of experience. Our goal is to provide cafes and food establishments with the greatest items possible so they may flourish in their line of work. As we are experts in this industry, we are able to help businesses like yours with our handpicked coffee beans. We understand the importance of employing the highest quality coffee in your establishment. That’s why you can trust us to deliver you with the best beans in the business.

Businesses all across the world have prospered because to our excellent products, and yours might be the next.

Other Products

We offer other services for our customers so they can make the most out of our coffee. That’s why we have a range of equipment to ensure you make the perfect of coffee. Our range of bespoke coffee machines means that you can create a great cup of coffee in different styles and flavours. We also offer grinders and other accessories to assist you with your coffee making. It’s important that you employ the best equipment so you can make the best cup for your customers or yourself.

Barista Training Course

We are passionate about spreading our coffee knowledge and skills. That’s why we offer our Barista Training Courses. These courses are here to aid you or your employees in barista training so you can offer the very best to your customers. It’s important that your fanatic barista skills remain sharp and polished which Is why we encourage you to check out our courses. We offer a range of courses which include our foundation course, advanced course, coffee literature and our most popular course: latte art. Check out our barista training courses for more information.

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Street and Co (Street & Co.) Coffee Range

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