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Cold Brew At Home

25th May 2023

Cold Brew At Home

As the warm tendrils of summer begin to unfurl, we often find ourselves yearning for a refreshing, iced coffee. However, the threat of a bitter or watery cup can dampen our spirits. Fear not, as your trusted coffee experts at John Street Beverage are here to unveil the secret to a consistently smooth, icy cup of coffee. Here is the art of making cold brew coffee at home.

Mastering the Simplicity of Cold Brew

Contrary to popular belief, creating cold brew coffee does not necessitate the skillset of a master-level barista or any fancy equipment. All you need is a large container and a strainer, and you’re set on the path to coffee paradise.

The process begins by coarsely grinding your coffee, an easy task that you can perform at home or at your local coffee shop. Combine these grounds with water, and then let this mixture steep overnight (or about 12 hours). During this period, the coffee slowly infuses the water, culminating in a concentrated, robust brew. Strain it the next morning, and voila! Your cold brew is ready to be savoured.

Understanding the Appeal of Cold Brew Coffee

But what sets cold brew coffee apart? The slow infusion process extracts the full-bodied flavour from the beans, ensuring a caffeine-rich result. However, it also leaves behind most of the compounds that can make coffee taste bitter and sour. The result is a smooth, almost sweet-tasting coffee that’s perfect for an iced drink.

If you’re not a fan of conventional coffee, cold brew may very well win you over. It has enough unique properties to separate it from hot coffee. But there’s more to cold brew than just flavour. You also have the freedom to adjust its concentration. Start with a ratio of one cup of beans to four cups of water, creating a concentrated brew that’s perfect over ice or mixed with milk.

It’s important that you don’t give up. If you’re unhappy with the first brew, feel free to adjust this ratio until you find a balance that meshes with your taste buds.

The Convenience of Cold Brew Coffee

One of the perks of this brewing method is the time it saves in the morning. A large batch prepared over the weekend can serve as a quick, refreshing coffee fix throughout the week. If you’re often in a rush to get out the door, cold brew is sure to appeal to you. Just grab and go!

Serving Your Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee is versatile; it can be served iced or piping hot, depending on your preference. If you’re serving it iced, the ice is meant to melt a bit and dilute the coffee. If it’s still too strong, just dilute your glass with some water or milk until you’re pleased with the end result.

Perfecting Your Cold Brew: Tips for Success

To achieve the perfect brew, remember to grind your beans coarsely to avoid over-infusion and a gritty texture. Using filtered water can also enhance the sweetness and clarity of your coffee. Make sure to steep the coffee for at least 12 hours to fully infuse the water. But beware of over-steeping, as it may extract bitter flavours. For an undiluted coffee experience, chill your cold brew with coffee ice cubes!

Making cold brew coffee at home is a simple yet satisfying journey. It offers a smooth, refreshing taste, customisable concentration and the convenience of a quick morning coffee fix. Ready to explore the magic of cold brew at home? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning about other cold concoctions. We have plenty more, so feel free to explore our recipes, courtesy of John Street Beverage.


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