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Conti X One Evo Coffee Machine

At John Street Beverage, we are thrilled to present the Conti X-ONE EVO Coffee Machine, an outstanding mid-volume coffee machine that never fails to impress. Its elegant design, cutting-edge materials, user-friendly controls and advanced technology make the X-ONE EVO a versatile choice for all coffee aficionados.

Whether you’re a café owner, a coffee shop manager or an at-home barista, the X-ONE EVO will never let you down. It’s designed to be easy to use and maintain, with intuitive controls and clear maintenance reminders that make sure your machine is always running at peak performance.

Discover all that this incredible machine has to offer, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance ordering yours.


Customisation for Every Preference

The Conti X-ONE EVO comes in a variety of finishes and configurations, including 2 or 3 group models, as well as espresso or tall cup options, ensuring there is an ideal match for every coffee enthusiast. By incorporating and enhancing the technology from the CC100 range, the X-ONE EVO provides a superior coffee extraction experience. As a result, your customers will enjoy perfectly brewed cups of coffee every time. It’s an advanced machine with a sleek, modern design that fits in any environment. Whether your café is traditional or contemporary, the X-ONE EVO will blend in and make a statement.

Precision Temperature Control

The X-ONE EVO is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature stability through PID control and a distinctive Flow Control system. This innovative combination allows for precise adjustments to the group temperature, ensuring optimal and consistent coffee extraction.

If you’ve been searching for an ideal mid-volume coffee machine, the Conti X-ONE EVO is here to deliver. You will find that it’s a reliable and powerful choice that is built to last. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your coffee machine or invest in a brand-new one, the X-ONE EVO is a perfect choice for any café. Contact us to find out more about this amazing coffee machine.


Smart Maintenance and Monitoring

The X-ONE EVO features advanced software diagnostics, delivering essential maintenance recommendations such as cleaning, servicing and water filter replacements through an easy-to-read digital screen.

No longer do you have to worry about whether your coffee machine is in top condition. With the X-ONE EVO, you can rest assured that your machine will always be running optimally.

Effortless Milk Texturing with Steam Levers

With dual-function lever-activated steam wands, the X-ONE EVO streamlines the milk texturing process and saves baristas precious time. The levers also incorporate a spring-loaded ‘purge’ function, preventing milk build-up within the steam wand.


Feature-Rich for Enhanced Coffee Experience

The Conti X-ONE EVO Coffee Machine is loaded with innovative features to ensure a flawless coffee-making experience:

Consistent Extraction Monitoring: Integrated shot timers enable precise monitoring of extraction parameters, ensuring consistent performance.

Energy-Efficient Operation: Schedule your machine to automatically switch to Eco mode during downtime, saving energy, reducing costs, and extending the life of machine components.

Customisable Hot Water Temperature: Utilise the machine’s water reservoir to fine-tune hot water temperature for perfect Long Blacks or Americanos.

Versatile Pre-Infusion: Adapt coffee types and doses with ease by adjusting pre-brew volume and bloom period, simplifying the pursuit of exceptional extractions.

Thanks to these incredible features and its robust construction, the Conti X-ONE EVO Coffee Machine is a must-have for any café.

Meeting the Needs of Coffee Lovers Everywhere

John Street Beverage is committed to offering the Conti X-ONE EVO Coffee Machine to a wide range of clients, from cafes and restaurants to personal coffee connoisseurs. As one of our many exceptional products, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled coffee experience with each cup.

Contact us today to learn more about the X-ONE EVO Coffee Machine and how it can complement your business.

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