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Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine

As a part of our diverse selection of coffee equipment, the Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine stands out with its remarkable fusion of functionality, elegance and adaptability.

Inspired by the success of the X-ONE series, this single boiler machine incorporates several intelligent enhancements, positioning it as one of the leading machines in the market. With its distinctive appearance, accentuated by full-colour coded body panels, this machine elevates any coffee bar setting.

We’re excited to share the TCI with our customers. Here, we highlight all that it can do for you. Whether you just want excellent coffee at home or you’d like to have an advanced coffee machine in your café, Conti’s X-ONE TCI is certain to exceed your expectations.


Unmatched Temperature Control (TCI)

The Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine features an unparalleled temperature control system that allows complete and independent regulation of each group.

This advanced capability empowers you to refine the extraction of your coffee and serve guest espressos at different brewing temperatures, granting you full command over the extraction process.

The machine’s cold-water injection system optimises the steam boiler’s efficiency, augmenting capacity and ensuring continuous steam while maintaining a consistent temperature at the group.

Witness flawless harmony between the steam boiler and coffee network throughout the day.


Exceptional Flow Control for Optimal Stability

Maintaining temperature stability is crucial for delivering a delicious and consistent espresso.

The Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine implements a distinctive flow control system that permits minor adjustments to the coffee group’s temperature. This, in conjunction with the PID heating control, guarantees efficient and uniform extraction with every use.

Ergonomics and Design Upgrades

The X-ONE TCI model showcases several design improvements over the original X-ONE model. The aesthetics have been refined to include additional colour coding, LED accents, and chrome embellishments on the side panels and steam actuators.

These details ensure that the Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine not only performs at its best but also looks stunning.


Enhanced Features for a Superior Experience

The Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine comes fully loaded with a range of features designed to take your coffee-making experience to new heights:

Shot Timers: Keep a close eye on extraction performance with shot timers that promote uniformity and accuracy during service, ensuring each espresso maintains the highest quality.

Auto On/Off: Conserve energy and prolong the life of your machine by programming it to switch to Eco mode automatically during off-peak hours, overnight, or when your establishment is closed.

Adjustable Hot Water Temperature: Tailor your beverage offerings to perfection with the machine’s water reservoir, enabling you to craft the ideal Long Black or Americano with ease.

Precision Pre-Infusion: Effortlessly modify the pre-brew volume and bloom duration to achieve optimal extractions for any coffee variety or dosage, accommodating a wide range of customer preferences.

These advanced features not only elevate the overall functionality of the Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine but also contribute to a more efficient and satisfying coffee-making process. By harnessing the power of these enhancements, you can ensure that every cup of coffee served meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers, leaving a lasting impression on their taste buds.

Versatility for Various Applications

At John Street Beverage, we recognise that each client has distinct needs. That’s why we offer the Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine for a variety of uses, including cafes, personal use, and more.

As part of our comprehensive range of coffee solutions, we ensure that you have access to the perfect equipment tailored to your specific needs. Experience the exceptional performance of the Conti X One TCI Coffee Machine and transform your coffee journey today.

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