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Introducing Street & Co Coffee Bags

07th August 2023

Introducing Street & Co Coffee Bags

Our best hand-picked mountain grown Arabica coffee is slowly roasted and lovingly packed for your enjoyment. This new coffee bag infuses in a cup to create a fresh filtered coffee in just three mins. Ideal for home, hotel rooms or on the go. You will be amazed by its smooth and clean taste. We find that they are as convenient as instant coffee, but with the fresh flavour you’d expect from using a cafetiere. Both our caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee bags are full bodied and creamy, with notes of toffee, honey, and milk chocolate sweetness leaving a lemon citrus finish. Tasting notes are occurring undertones in our beans that are influenced by the varietal and environment they are grown in.

Coffee in a tea bag is a product that contains ground coffee beans in a compostable or biodegradable sachet which can be steeped in hot water for a few minutes. As the coffee bag brews the hot water extracts the flavour just like any other regular coffee. Once you have finished brewing you can simply discard it as you would a tea bag. You can drink it on its own or add your choice of milk and syrup to your taste. It is a convenient and eco-friendly way to make coffee without any equipment or clean-up. After all, we’ve had tea bags for a long time so why would you not want a coffee bag?

Our coffee bags are 100% arabica and originate from Brazil and Central America where the coffee is washed in preparation for roasting. Brazil produces one-third of the world’s coffee, making them the largest coffee producer globally. After being harvested through the months of December to August the coffee is washed and then pulped from the cherries before soaking in water for up to 36 hours. This accentuates acidity and fruit flavours.

Coffee bags are the new upgraded and enhanced version of instant coffee. They do not carry the inferior stigma that instant coffee does compared to freshly brewed coffee. They are easy and quick to use and require only basic equipment. They create no mess, whilst tasting delicious, and being travel friendly. In fact, they are the ultimate multi-functioned quality coffee, perfect for all manner of work environments and the home. What more could you want?

Coffee bags are available to purchase from John Street Beverage.

For any enquiries, please email orders@jsbeverage.com


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