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John Street Beverage Official Supplier of Lavazza

03rd February 2023

John Street Beverage Official Supplier of Lavazza

We are pleased to announce that we are now an official supplier of Lavazza Italian Coffee. Here at John Street Beverage, we connect with Lavazza’s rich Italian heritage and family roots. We both see coffee as more than just a drink, and rather as one of life’s simple, pleasurable experiences. And Lavazza’s passion for work, with the drive to achieve the perfect coffee is exactly why we have chosen to become an approved distributor of Lavazza beans, capsules, and machines.

Having coffee that suits your needs is vital in your cafe, restaurant, and office. Lavazza allows us to cater to those who love using traditional Italian beans, as well as those who enjoy the ease of using a capsule machine.

When meeting with Lavazza we wanted to ensure that the sustainability of their products meet our goals, taking every step we can to help the environment. By 2025 all of Lavazza’s packaging will become reusable, compostable, and recyclable. By 2030 Lavazza are committed to becoming carbon neutral. We stand by Lavazza’s ethos and the positive benefits these changes will have on the world.

We have tried and enjoyed a large selection of Lavazza coffee’s and found our personal favourites, which we are proud to supply. These beans produce a variety of rich and smooth coffees, perfect for a traditional espresso or a creamy latte.

  • Tierra Selection (also available in capsule)
  • Top Class (also available in capsule)
  • Gran Espresso
  • Dek Decaf (also available in capsule)

Beans are often seen as the best way to provide top tier coffee; however, you can now achieve this while using a capsule. Capsule machines are extremely easy to use, and with the hit of a button make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Lavazza Blue Coffee Machines (For Capsules) preserve all the essential freshness, aroma, and flavour of Lavazza coffees. With the choice of a single or double group the machine is the perfect fit on your coffee counter. Including temperature controlled automatic steamers, touch sensitive pre-set buttons and heated cup warmers you really have everything you need at the touch of a button to create a perfect cup of coffee, time after time.

Please contact us at orders@jsbeverage.com or call 01322 381380 if you would like to discuss.


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