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Birchal Tea Tasting

06th December 2017

Birchal Tea Tasting

We were very fortunate to have Birchall Tea’s come into the office so we could taste some of the tea and learn more about the background of the brand.

We already have a wide range of Birchall Tea and we tried some of the old classics- just to check they were still as good quality as when we first tried them. Our team all had our favourite individual teas which partnered with a biscuit would be perfect on a cold winter’s day.

Our newest members of the team were a part of the tasting so we could get fresh ideas about the brand and flavours making sure everything we stock is liked by the majority and people of all ages.

The taste of our products is one of the principal values we have here at John Street Beverage and we are very proud to stock Birchall Tea as their range never fails to disappoint. Every product we sell we make sure the standard is the best it can be before it goes on our shelves.

We hope you all enjoy their tea as much as we do!


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