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New Piper’s crisps- Jalapeno & Dill

23rd January 2018

New Piper’s crisps- Jalapeno & Dill

We’re a big fan of Piper’s crisps here at John Street Beverage and our love for the crisps has certainly escalated with the new flavour; Jalapeno and Dill. We were intrigued with the name and when we tasted them we got very excited at the thought of sharing them with all of you!

Pipers have sourced the Jalapeno peppers from Delicias (North Mexico) and have combined them with aromatic dill to give a tantalizing new sensation.

If you’re already a fan of Piper’s crisps we can almost guarantee this new flavour will quickly become one of your favourites, and if you are not a big fan or are yet to try them then the Jalapeno and Dill crisps will surely convert you to love Piper’s crisps as much as we all do.

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