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Let’s Talk Decaff.

20th April 2020

Let’s Talk Decaff.

Let’s talk decaff.

To some baristas and coffee lovers alike, the word “decaff” has always been the ultimate insult to the purity of coffee – “It’s not real coffee!” and “Coffee needs to be strong!”. However, it could be said that those who drink decaf are the biggest fans of coffee since they drink decaf for its taste alone and not the added benefit of a caffeine boost.

Gone are the days of weak and watery decaff alternatives, as decaff processing has come a long way in the last couple of decades. The advancements in technology have gone hand in hand with a growing sentiment that decaf drinkers are in fact the ideal customer for an industry that has in some ways struggled to convince the masses that coffee is a flavour experience, not just a caffeine hit.

Although we all love our perfect highly caffeinated beverages, it’s undisputed that overdosing on caffeine throughout the day can seriously hinder your sleeping pattern. So, when should you make the switch to decaff? According to research, you should avoid consuming caffeine from around 2pm, or at least seven hours before bed. This isn’t all bad news though, as we have a great range of delicious decaf options available for bean to cup machines, filter machines and cafetieres, ready for delivery, right to your door.

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