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National Tea Day

21st April 2020

National Tea Day

It’s National Tea Day! The 21st April is the official day in the UK for us to celebrate our much loved national drink. If you think Brits drink ridiculous amounts of tea, then you are absolutely correct – we are a nation obsessed! Since the 18th century, the UK has topped the list for highest tea consumption, getting through a whopping 165 million cups a day! Drinking tea is part of British culture. Need a break? Cup of tea. Feeling cold? Cup of tea. Feeling too hot? A cup of tea will cool you down! Feeling anxious? Cup of tea. Bedtime? A quick cuppa before to help you relax. Tea will be forever sewn into our cultural identity as an iconic part of being British.

Now, more than ever, we feel a good cuppa has never been more important in bringing people together to combat feelings of isolation. Now would be the perfect time to FaceTime friends and family, sit down with your favourite hot drink, and let all all your worries disappear. Whether you’re self-isolating or working as a key worker on the front line during these difficult times, you should make time to exhale and have a cup of your favourite drink, it will do you the world of good.

Whether you prefer the classic taste of a Birchall’s brew or the quirky flavours brought to you by Joe’s Tea Co, rest assured we’ve got the brew for you!

Click here to explore our full range of classic teas and fruit/herbal infusions, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect match!


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