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the Evolution Of Instant Coffee Is It Worth a Second Look

The Evolution of Instant Coffee: Is It Worth a Second Look?

For decades, instant coffee has been a convenient and simple beverage with a bit of a bad rap among coffee enthusiasts. Yet, instant coffee has a long and interesting history and has recently started showing some surprising developments.

So, could it possibly be worth taking another look at? Here at John Street Beverage, we thought we’d take a deep dive and let you decide.

A Brief History of Instant Coffee

While there are a few contenders, instant coffee, in a basic form, was first patented by New Zealander David Strang back in 1890. However, we have World War II to thank for the real widespread adoption of this convenient brew. With its portability and ease of use, it was perfectly suited for soldiers’ rations.

The 1960s brought us the now-common method of freeze-drying coffee, making instant varieties a bit more palatable. Yet, the main appeal has always been the convenience and the price tag. Instant coffee remains an affordable way to get your day started.

In recent years, we’ve seen major growth in the instant coffee sector, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. People want ease and affordability, especially when working from home.

the Evolution Of Instant Coffee

Changes in the Instant Coffee Landscape

In the past, the focus for instant coffee was on utility above all else. Yet, that’s changing. Consumers are smarter and more demanding, and producers are starting to listen.

Today, you can find plenty of specialty instant coffees on the market—fair trade, organic and made from the higher quality arabica beans. That’s a huge shift from where instant coffee used to be.

The Rise of Specialty Instant Coffee

Some might have guessed it was only a matter of time before the quality-conscious world of specialty coffee took a crack at instant brews. There’s a real benefit in providing a convenient product that still delivers a decent cup of coffee.

Specialty roasters see value in instant options for a few reasons. It broadens their market, makes their higher-quality beans more accessible and eliminates some of the worries about freshness when beans linger on supermarket shelves.

Of course, there’s a balance to find. Specialty roasters have reputations based on sourcing and carefully roasting the highest-grade beans; they need to maintain that image even when translating their product into an instant format.

Thanks to better freeze-drying technology, they’re getting closer. Instant options from specialty roasters now better reflect their signature styles and flavour profiles. That’s great news for the adventurous coffee drinker who wants both a quality cup and the convenience of instant.

Instant Coffee Is It Worth a Second Look

Does Instant Coffee Have a True Future?

Make no mistake, instant coffee is here to stay. Millions of people rely on its simplicity and low cost for their morning caffeine jolt. While traditional instant coffee will always be around, we believe specialty instant coffee is where it gets exciting.

The specialty sector is known for innovation, and they’re putting dedicated effort into making instant coffee truly good.

Is It Worth a Second Look?

Instant coffee will never replace the ritual and nuanced flavours of brewing freshly ground beans. However, with advancements in instant coffee—especially in the specialty realm—we have to admit things are changing. Perhaps this once-maligned beverage deserves another chance.

Instant Coffee the Evolution

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