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Joe’s Tea

Any tea Joe was going to put his name to had to be the best. And by ‘best’ we mean sourced from the most exceptional and ethical organic tea plantations he could find. Why? To bring us our favourite British drink in its finest form without the faff; to take the ‘toff’ out of fine tea, to tingle our taste buds with quirky and colourful concoctions, all in good-to-go pyramid bags.

  • Ever so English
  • Ever so English Decaf
  • Queen of Green
  • The Earl Grey
  • Sweet Camomile
  • The Berry Best
  • Proper Peppermint
  • Chocca-Roo Brew
  • Minted-up Fruit
  • St. Clement’s Lemon
  • Pyramid bags packed in 15’s
  • Pyramid bags packed in 100's
  • Pyramid bags packed in individual Matchbox’s 1 x 50
  • Brand Gallery Image
  • Brand Gallery Image
  • Brand Gallery Image
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